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                Position:Home > Research > Research Overview

                      With 16 years of development, Tsinghua University School of Medicine has begun to take shape, including 8 major subjects which are cell and molecular biology, immunology, infectious diseases, oncology, neuroscience, biomedical engineering, public health and clinical medicine.


                       School of Medicine actively recruited academic leaders and young scientists with internationally established Tenure-Track system, including 1 Nobel Prize, 3 academicians of CAS, 2 academicians of CAE, 12 Thousand Talents Program Scholars, 8 Youth Thousand Talents Program Scholars, 1 Outstanding Leading Scholar, 1 Outstanding Young Scholars, 7 Distinguished Professors of Yangtze River Scholars, 2 Young Yangtze River Scholars, 9 National Outstanding Youth Fund Award, 6 National Science Fund For Distinguished Young Scholars.


                Faculties – 81 personnel

                       Tenure track – 52 personnel

                       Teaching track – 8 personnel

                       Research track – 21 personnel


                Nobel Prize                                                                              1

                Academicians(CAS/CAE)                                                       4

                Thousand Talents Program Scholars                                       12

                Youth Thousand Talents Program Scholars                             14

                Outstanding Leading Scholars                                                 1

                Outstanding Young Scholars                                                    1

                Distinguished Professors of Yangtze River Scholar                 7

                Young Yangtze River Scholar                                                   2

                National Outstanding Youth Fund Award                                 9

                National Science Fund For Distinguished Young Scholars      6