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                Position:Home > Dean‘s Corner

                Medical sciences is currently one of the most active scientific fields in the world, with great potentials for major breakthroughs. Establishment of the School of Medicine was a strategic development in the advancement of Tsinghua University towards a world-class research university. Its founding also serves our country’s goal for “Healthy China”, and such a historical choice coincides with the trends in higher education and scientific advances worldwide. The Tsinghua School of Medicine was founded on 25th October, 2001, with Dr. Jieping Wu, a renowned medical doctor and academician of both the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, as its first Dean. Biophysicist Dr. Nanming Zhao, Structural Biologist and academician Dr. Yigong Shi, Neurobiologist Dr. Bai Lu and Immunologist Dr. Chen Dong, served as Executive Vice Dean, successively. In September, 2016, Dr. Chen Dong was appointed as the Dean of the School of Medicine.

                At present, the School of Medicine encompasses six disciplines, cell and molecular biology, immunology, infectious diseases and microbiology, neuroscience, biomedical engineering and public health, in its two departments and one center, namely the Department of Basic Medical Sciences, the Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Center for Public Health. Since its establishment 15 years ago, the School of Medicine has benefited from the overall reputation of Tsinghua University and closely follows the international frontiers to recruit outstanding talents across the globe. With steady development, the School of Medicine has accomplished the achievements in areas such as the growth of faculty team, programs for talent training, scientific research and establishment of teaching disciplines. The School of Medicine has evolved to be a broad base for educating excellent students, researching in frontier science and providing professional services to the society.

                In the past 15 years, our school has been growing steadily. Currently, we have 331 staff, 86 postdoctoral fellows and 1205 students. Benefiting from the human resource reform, the School of Medicine has successfully attracted exceptional overseas talents to return to China to accelerate the establishment of faculty who excel in both research and teaching. Currently, the School of Medicine has a total of 94 faculty members, of which 56 are on the tenure track, 8 on the teaching track, 19 the research track, 10 the technical track and 1 as an education specialist. Among these faculty, we have 3 academicians, 11 professors belonging to the Thousand-Talent Program, 6 Changjiang Scholars and 6 awardees of the National Outstanding Young Scientist Fund. Under the new human resource management system, talents across the globe are attracted to the School of Medicine to continuously strengthen our team of faculty.

                Under the leadership of our strong faculty, the School of Medicine has a clear vision for its talent training goals and has improved the course structure, all with the aim to train talented physician scientists excelling in research, clinical service, teaching and management, as well as senior clinical physicians, medical educators and administrators. With the collective hard work of all members in the School of Medicine, our research level is steadily rising and research outputs are tremendous.

                To further advance our level of research and enhance our talent-training activities, the School of Medicine has established hospital affiliation. Tsinghua University First Affiliated Hospital, Tsinghua University Second Affiliated Hospital and Beijing-Tsinghua Chunggung Hospital serve as our affiliated hospitals, successively, to provide superb platforms for clinical research. The People's Liberation Army 301 General Hospital, the Beijing Jishuitan Hospital and the Beijing Neurosurgical Institute are our clinical training hospitals. With these hospitals, the School of Medicine is set to provide quality learning and research environment for high-level medical talents.

                The School of Medicine is actively seeking collaborations and interactions with peers domestically and internationally. We strive to train brilliant medical students to advance China’s medical science and play an important role in the medical development of China and worldwide.